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Antique Turquoise Collar

Antique Turquoise CollarThe creator of this piece says: I made this antique turquoise piece using 2 sizes of round turquoise beads. You may use from 8mm for the smaller ones and 20mm for the big ones to have this effect. I use wire wrapping technique for each dangle with bronze eye pins to get that antique effect that would match the spider veins in the beads. I then wrapped 4mm Swarovski crystals in topaz and teal to accompany the dangle.

In this collar, I make five big dangles and six smaller ones depending on the size of the neck. Note: a longer necklace would not have the same effect!

I put it together by stringing smaller turquoise bead, alternating with two Swarovski crystals until I get to the place where I want the dangle to start. And then I string the dangle in between the crystals alternating between smaller and bigger ones and put the clasp at the end.

About the Artist: Intan Myer

I'm a self-taught jewelry and bead maker. I've been making jewelry for 3 years and started making my own beads this last year specializing in eco-friendly material. I'm inspired to create something out of nothing and try to do my part toward living in a greener society.

View Intan Myer's website at Bead Studio.

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