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Gemstones (A-F) - Metaphysical Properties

Minerals and gems have been used for many different purposes throughout the ages. Different traditions ascribe different traits to them - this is a general list of gemstones, their history and composition, and their metaphysical properties.

adventurine Adventurine (Aventurine) - A good luck stone, especially in financial matters. Stimulates creativity, intelligence and perception. A great healing stone, it gives a sense of mental and emotional well-being.
agate Agate - general protection and healing, increases courage, self-confidence, and energy and promotes longevity. Also good for gardening.
alexandrite Alexandrite - renewal and regeneration, openness to higher self. Brings love, joy, and luck.
amazonite Amazonite - helps clarify and improve thinking.
amber Amber - healing, protection from negativity, attractiveness and energy.
amethyst Amethyst - increases vivid dreams, relieves depression, promotes calm, serenity, and spirituality. Helps with addiction and stress.
ammolite Ammolite
apatite Apatite - helps stuttering and hypertension. Rids one of guilt and grief.
aquamarine Aquamarine - improves sight, sharpens the mind, calms and clarifies emotions. More about Aquamarine
aragonite Aragonite - grounding and centering, facing truth and reality.
azurite Azurite - increases psychic ability and aids in meditation. Relieves arthritis and joint pain.
bloodstone Bloodstone - healing, especially related to the blood. Increases courage and charitability.
carnelian Carnelian - general healing stone. Restores the natural energy flows of your body.
chrysocolla Chrysocolla - soothes nervous tension.
chrysoprase Chrysoprase - soothes heartache and helps depression, promotes emotional balance, wisdom, and peace.
citrine Citrine - helps digestion and aids in mental and intellectual functions. Increases self-esteem and energy. Balances and dissipates negative energy.
coral Coral - helps in childbirth and adoption. Wards off bad thoughts from others and promotes general well-being.
diamond Diamond - manifests abundance. Used in conjunction, it strengthens the properties of other stones.
emerald Emerald - a mind stone. Enhances memory, promotes clear and quick thinking, and right action stemming from right thought.
flourite Flourite (multicolor) - enhances spiritual energy work, focuses the will and balances the psyche.

More Information
For more in-depth treatment try the comprehensive Love Is in the Earth: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals, Healing With Gemstones and Crystals or the more technical/conventional Encyclopedia of Rocks, Minerals, and Gemstones (Amazon links).

I will personally vouch for the effectiveness of Gemisphere's necklaces. If you are interested in using gemstones for healing, these are the highest quality therapeutic gemstones you can find. Their website is extensive and informative as well. Highly recommended.
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