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Gemstones (G-L) - Metaphysical Properties

Minerals and gems have been given many attributes throughout the ages. Different traditions ascribe different traits to them - this is a general list of stones and their common associations.

garnet Garnet - balances your natural energy. A highly protective stone. Increases confidence and security.
goldstone Goldstone - uplifting, reduces tension and stomach problems.
hematite Hematite - great stone for grounding. Calms and soothes, reducing stress and blood pressure.
howlite Howlite - Howlite - reduces stress and anxiety. Quietly soothes and calms to bring gentleness and patience.
jade Jade - Jade - wisdom, mercy, humility, generosity, peace, and harmony. Protective and lucky when worn as jewelry. Place a bit under your pillow at night for restorative dreams.
jasper Jasper - calms a troubled mind. Helps with digestive problems and other ills.
red jasper Red Jasper - helps with conflict and aggression. Promotes grace and perserverence.
leopard skin jasper Leopard Skin Jasper - aids in finding and achieving life's goals.
picture jasper Picture Jasper - stabilizing, balancing stone. Aids in visualization and meditation.
labradorite Labradorite - strengthens the will and inner strength and convictions. Aids in combatting addictions.
lapis Lapis Lazuli - emotional healing and stability. High intensity stone which cleanses the spirit to bring out inner truth and peace.

More Information
For more in-depth treatment try the comprehensive Love Is in the Earth: A Kaleidoscope of Crystals, Healing With Gemstones and Crystals or the more technical/conventional Encyclopedia of Rocks, Minerals, and Gemstones (Amazon links).
I will personally vouch for the effectiveness of Gemisphere's necklaces. If you are interested in using gemstones for healing, these are the highest quality therapeutic gemstones you can find. Their website is extensive and informative as well. Highly recommended.
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