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How to Make Hemp Jewelry

  1. Materials and Tools
  2. The Two Basic Knots
  3. Adding Beads
  4. A Simple Wrapping Knot
  5. Finishing Your Piece
  6. Learning More, Getting Supplies
A Simple Wrapping Knot
For variation, try making an anklet with this knot. This is the easiest hemp knotting method. This is the same wrapping technique that is used to make hair wraps. Just tie embroidery floss at the base of a lock of hair and start wrapping it around the hair and extra floss. If you start with different colors you can make stripes as you work your way down by switching which strand you tie with.

Step 1 - Cut Strands
The single spiral pattern is made using only two strands. This style takes a long lenth of twine so start out with a lot and experiment.

Steps 2 - The Half-Hitch
The basic knot is called a half-hitch.

Step 3 - Repeat
Repeat the half-hitch knot until the piece is the desired lenth. It will form a spiral.

Adding Beads
Just slip the beads on the base strand (the black in the drawing), and knot around it.

Here's a picture of a bracelet made with this technique. The beads are hematite-colored pony beads.

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