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How to Sell Your Jewelry Online

People often wonder how to get started selling their jewelry online, so I thought I'd jot down a few tips. These are my personal recommendations from my years of running this site, being a web designer, and helping people with their online stores.

Where to Start

If you are very new and are not sure you want to make a go of it, start with Etsy. Etsy is "a place to buy and sell all things handmade"--it is a great deal because all your products get put into their catalog so people can search and find them. This helps you get a head start on marketing.

More marketplace websites like Etsy:

More tips on getting started:

  • Make jewelry that is unique and high-quality. The web is chock full of people selling stuff. You need to differentiate yourself.
  • Know who would most want to buy the jewelry you are selling and appeal to them in particular. Alternatively, decide who you want to sell to, and make jewelry that would appeal to them. The point is you don't want to try to market diamond hairclips to college students. Your product should match your market.
  • Take very clear, appealing photographs of your jewelry. This is essential because people can't physically pick up the jewelry so the photograph has to tell the story. If you can find a local photography student that would be cheapest, or, if you can afford it, hire a professional.
  • Learn all you can about marketing. Google "Etsy marketing" or "selling on Etsy" and read everything you can.
  • Start small. See how you like it before you sink lots of time and money into it. You might find you don't like making jewelry all day long and would rather it be a hobby than a business.

When you are ready to grow

When you are ready to invest more, get your own site.

I highly recommend getting a hosted shopping cart solution - e-commerce is very complex and it is worth it to go with a company who can handle the technical aspects of it for you.

I have two recommendations: Shopify and 3dcart.

These are both solid platforms with a lot of customization options. Try the free trial on both and see which you like better.

Other vendor recommendations

These may or may not apply to you, but if they do, these are who I recommend:

Web Hosting and domains
  • For regular web hosting, I recommend A Small Orange. They are big enough to be competitive value-wise, but small enough to still care.
  • If you need dedicated servers, I recommend LiquidWeb. They have excellent technical staff.
  • For domain name registration, I recommend Dynadot.
  • Merchant account that I use and recommend: Stripe
  • Integrated payment processing and shopping cart: PayPal
  • Hosted shopping cart that I have¬†worked with: Mal's E-commerce
  • As I mentioned above, for more complex e-commerce needs: Shopify and 3DCart
Good luck!
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